* Proxy Detector v0.1
*	Implementation example.
*	Mon Sep 18 23:29:47 CEST 2006
*	by:
*	Documentation:
*		I use this file as an include at the top of some php files
*		to block proxy users from the scripts that included this file.
*		This file is only an example on how to implement the detector class.
*		But it could be usefull as is...
*		Check the remarks in the class for more documentation.

//include detector class, assuming it's in the same directory as this file...

//init class
$proxy = new proxy_detector();

//set optional extra triggers, no need to... I think I've got all of them covered in the class...
// $proxy->setTrigger('HTTP_SOME_HEADER_1');
// $proxy->setTrigger('HTTP_SOME_HEADER_2');

//set optional config
// $proxy->setConfig('MAIL_ALERT_TO','');
// $proxy->setConfig('LOG_FILE','/home/daantje/public_html/proxy/proxy_detector.log');

//start detect

	//returned true, lets die...
	echo "<h1>Proxy detected</h1>";
	echo "Please disable your proxy server in your browser preferences or internet settings, and try again.<br><br>";

	//parse logged info
	echo nl2br($proxy->getLog());

	//some credits...
	echo "<hr><strong>proxy detector v0.1</strong> - &copy;2006 <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>";

	//and do nothing anymore! (but not in my example)

//else, proceed as normal, put your code here...